Our sheet metal fabrication services include cutting, forming, and finishing for parts, such as brackets, panels, and vents, as well as the turnkey manufacture of products, such as frames and enclosures. While we routinely work on small custom jobs, we excel at delivering low-mid volume production runs in tight timeframes — often weeks quicker than the competition.

We perform precision cutting using CNC laser, plasma, and water jet cutting machines and work with all grades of aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel. When required, we can also cut metal plate up to 6” thick.

Our CNC forming process starts with a SolidWorks model that is run through Metamation simulation software to calculate bends quickly and accurately. We then use a suite of Mitsubishi Diamond press brakes with a bending capacity of up to 200 tons to form metal sheets up to 4 meters long into the desired shapes.

Our precision finishing capabilities include high-grade shotblasting and stainless steel polishing, as well as powder coating, which we carefully monitor to ensure that coatings do not exceed specified tolerances.

Panels & Frames

We specialize in cutting, forming, and finishing aluminum and steel panels and frames for enclosures used in air handling, power generation, food processing, and material handling applications. We also manufacture panels and other sheet metal parts for the transportation industry.

Turnkey Enclosures

We fabricate turnkey metal enclosures designed to protect air handling or electrical equipment as custom jobs or in low-mid volume production quantities. All of our turnkey panelized enclosures meet industry standards.

Quality Control

Our sheet metal fabrication work is subject to a quality control system derived from ISO: 9001 standards and is supplemented by our own strict internal processes and standards. We are proud to guarantee the highest quality when compared to other companies in the industry.