At Prince Precision Products, an ISO 9001:2015-certified contract manufacturer, quality is a mindset shared by everyone who works here. Every employee — from the front office to the shop floor — spends their first four days training in quality control for all of our capabilities and is not allowed to work on jobs until they have demonstrated familiarity with our internal quality control standards.

Not only does this emphasis on quality help our workers do their jobs better, it also grants everyone at Prince a holistic understanding of how work moves through our shop. The results are better quality products, more efficient timelines, minimal rework, and accountability at every level.

Because we emphasize quality control at the beginning, it’s ingrained in every stage of a job. This allows us to prevent quality control issues before they even manifest, which means that our customers never have to worry.

Comprehensive Quality

We’re not just interested in ensuring parts meet customer requirements. Our goal is to create a comprehensive quality control system so we can optimize machine operation, part flow, and part quality to create the best quality products in the shortest amount of time.

Constant Communication

Our commitment to quality at the employee level extends beyond initial training. We hold regular meetings for machine operators, supervisors, and managers to monitor operations, account for any changes in equipment behavior, and discuss opportunities for improvement.

Our Guarantee

We stand by our products well after delivery. If they aren’t up to snuff, we will expedite replacements, even if it means overtime. With Prince, there is no waiting weeks to get back in the production queue.