Our CNC machine shop produces precision, close-tolerance milled and turned parts for orders of up to thousands of pieces at a time. We routinely manufacture spacers, fittings, housings, rollers, shafts, spindles, valve bodies, and gun barrels in quantity, delivering orders to our customers in less than two weeks.

With multiple 4-axis and 3-axis CNC machines, we can do both vertical and horizontal CNC machining for parts with dimensions up to 30” x 80”. For parts that require turning, we can accommodate parts up to 80” long with diameters of 5” and maximum swings of 20”.

CNC Machining Mills

Our CNC machining center includes Mazak VTC, Nexus, VMC, HTC models. We also have three Fadal 3-axis machines. We use MasterCAM for multi-axis programming and can translate files generated by any common CAD software.

CNC Turning Machines

We primarily use a Mazak Nexus 250 4-axis lathe with live tooling and a bar feeder for CNC turning but also have a Mazak Nexus 200II 2-axis and a Romi M20 2-axis machine for long turning jobs (up to 80” long).

Manual Milling & Turning

For especially short-run jobs, we use our manual milling and turning machines. Our machine shop staff’s expertise in this area allows us to turn out precision parts while saving our short-run customers the time and expense required for any CNC machining setup.