We take our finishing as seriously as our cutting, forming and machining, specializing in precision powder coating and food-grade stainless polishes for the sheet metal products we produce. Our quality control staff carefully monitors the thickness of the finishes we apply for all products processed in-house to ensure all finished products meet specified tolerances.

Most of the enclosures we create for the air handling and distributed power generation industries require powder coating, which our experienced staff handles entirely on site in our finishing shop. Typically, a mid-sized enclosure will take 1-2 days to finish.

Stainless products such as cut, formed, and machined metal parts for food processing, marine and medical applications are polished using our vibratory finishing mill, which eliminates much of the handwork required for proper stainless steel finishes — particularly with pipes and tubes — to expedite production.

Surface Preparation

Our in-house finishing operation employs cleaning, deburring, sandblasting, and shotblasting to prepare our products’ metal surfaces at surface preparation grades anywhere from SP1 – SP10.

Powder Coating & Painting

Our powder coating equipment includes an in-house powder coating booth and 20’ curing oven. While powder coating is our preferred finishing method, we also offer in-house painting services.


Our vibratory finishing mill can process thousands of parts per day to the finest-grade stainless-steel standards. Food-grade steel finishes (No. 4) are standard for food-related products. Dairy applications require a finer finish (No. 4A), which is also available.