We specialize in the rapid precision cutting of mild steel, stainless steel, and aluminum. We provide metal cutting as an à la carte service but excel at providing customers with a turnkey solution for cut-and-formed precision metal products, such as enclosures, frames, panels, and vents.

We cut sheet metal using primarily automated CNC lasers with integrated material stacking systems to expedite production. Our lasers can handle carbon steel up to 1” thick, stainless to 0.5” thick, and aluminum to .375” thick.

For thicker carbon steel and stainless steel plate, we use our CNC plasma-cutting table, which can handle pieces of metal up to 40’ long. We also employ a CNC water jet cutting table to cleave through metal up to 6” thick and to cut other materials such as titanium, inconel, plastics, natural and manufactured stone, rubber, copper, fiberglass, and wood, when a job calls for it.

Laser Cutting

Our laser cutting machines include a Mitsubishi ML4020NX 6000-watt laser and a Mitsubishi ML3015LVPlus 4000-watt laser. Both are attached to material stacking stations for automatic loading and unloading to optimize production. We also use NCELL automations on all of our cutting systems so that parts can be nested, conserving material and reducing costs.

Plasma Cutting

Our plasma cutting station includes a Messer Fineline Plasma 200 Amp table and a Koike Aronson Plasma 400 Amp high performance table. The Koike Aronson is 8’ x 40’ and can be used to cut sheets anywhere from 12’ to 40’ long.

Water Jet Cutting

Our water jet cutting system includes two Calypso Dual Head 50 HP tables, which we use to cut thicker materials. We also use the water jet cutter for jobs where no heat-affected zone (HAZ) is permitted since the water jet cuts without interfering with the material’s inherent structure.