We specialize in fabricating and assembling aluminum, stainless steel and carbon steel enclosures for both diesel and gas on-site power generators and backup generators used at facilities in a diverse range of industries, including agriculture, aviation, government, healthcare, hospitality, oil and gas, and telecommunications.

We can handle any panelized enclosure job turnkey, taking it all the way from first cut through assembly, finishing, and shipping via our dedicated delivery fleet. To expedite production and guarantee the ongoing integrity of our sheet-metal enclosures and their finishes, we favor PEM self-clinching fasteners for our assembly work but will naturally use any fastening method specified by our customers.

We also work on a part-by-part basis, manufacturing aluminum, stainless steel and steel panels and frames for suppliers or OEMs that source other constituent parts on their own and handle assembly themselves.

All of our enclosure work meets ISO: 9001 standards and conforms to National Electrical Code (NEC) and National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) regulations.

Panelized Enclosures

We cut, form, fit, assemble, weld, and ship complete panelized enclosures for both diesel and gas generators. We provide this turnkey service for all brands of generating units and work with both OEM manufacturers and facility managers who need custom enclosures.

Flat Sheet Panels

For manufacturers or facility managers who just need panels to affix to an existing enclosure frame we cut and form aluminum and steel of any type or grade. We also provide finishing services for panel products, including high-grade shotblasting and powder coating.

Enclosure Frames

Some generator manufacturers require only enclosure frames, preferring to use their own flat sheet panels and handle their own enclosure assembly. We are practiced at building frames out of aluminum or carbon steel for these sorts of applications and will meet any tolerances or other specified requirements.


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