We perform rapid, precision pipe cutting and coping for metal pipes and tubes used in compressed air systems and drilling for oil and gas.

Producing extraordinarily clean and quick cuts, our CNC orbital plasma pipe cutting system meets tight tolerances for all pipe cutting jobs, including those involving aluminum and stainless steel pipe anywhere from 4” to 16” in diameter and up to 21’ long.

Our programmable pipe cutter also streamlines our precision pipe coping, performing hillside, hole, lateral, miter, and saddle cuts with the push of a button. Exact and fast, the CNC machine allows us to skip time-consuming manual calculations and setups so we can deliver pipes ready for fit-up and welding in a fraction of the time it takes other vendors.

Our team of skilled welders has no problem welding the pipes we’ve precision cut using either MIG or TIG welding techniques holding tight tolerances.

Pipe Coping

For pipe coping, we use a Bug-O Systems programmable 100-amp pipe cutter, which uses a plasma cutter to cut pipe consistently to within thousandths of an inch of specifications. Equipped with an extended bed, it can accommodate pipes up to 20’ long that are anywhere from 4” to 16” in diameter.

The Bug-O’s pre-programmed shapes for coping include hillside, hole, miter, lateral, and saddle cuts, which can be accomplished quickly, easily, and precisely by simply specifying the requisite diameter of the cut.

Pipe Welding

For pipe welding, our skilled welding staff relies on Miller Pipeworx machines featuring dual wire feeders. With pedal shifters that toggle between two pulsed MIG and TIG settings and geometries that allow for precision welding even when out of position (allowing us to avoid extra fixturing), these machines helps expedite our pipe welding process.