We are a one-stop shop for material handling needs, capable of manufacturing precision-machined parts for conveyor assemblies, roller sub-assemblies, and electrical control enclosures used in all industrial sectors. We also provide turnkey fabrication services for all types of rack and shelving systems used in diverse factories and shops.

Using CNC forming and CNC machining, we fabricate precision parts for conveyor systems that move anything from food and packages to glass and solar panels. Without compromising our production speed, we meet the strictest tolerances for these precision parts used to gently buffer, transfer, and rotate their loads while working with carefully calibrated robots and automation equipment.

Drawing on our extensive experience making frames and panels for enclosures used for power generation applications, we also fabricate control enclosures for the electrical systems that run automated conveyor systems.

Applying our expertise in cutting, forming, and assembling aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel frames, we also manufacture racks and shelves designed to hold anything from automotive parts to baked goods.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems for any products, whether cookies or solar panels, require carefully fabricated precision parts to function properly. With our diverse cutting, forming, and machining capabilities, we can deliver both a score of custom fabricated rails or hundreds of machined metal rollers.

Control Enclosures

Following ISO: 9001 standards, we cut, form, fit, assemble, finish, and ship complete electrical enclosures or individual electrical enclosure components, such as panels or frames. Capable of handling requests for any quantity in compressed timeframes, we are equally adept at working with aluminum or carbon steel.

Racks & Shelving

Whether you need commercial bread racks or heavy duty industrial shelving, we can help by delivering everything from component parts to fully assembled finished products. We have capabilities to make cantilevered racks, pallet racks, pan racks, and all-purpose wire racks using all grades of aluminum and steel.


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