Whether you’re looking for a formed or machined metal part, we offer a one-stop solution for sourcing carbon steel, stainless steel, and aluminum components and sub-assemblies used to produce all types of engineered food processing and packaging equipment.

Our metal forming division can rapidly cut and form stainless steel grates, hoppers, panels, and troughs used in the assembly of machines designed for cutting, deboning, eviscerating, flavoring, and freezing. We also offer fabrication for electrical and machine enclosures made out of carbon steel, including finishing services.

Our machine shop is equipped for the production of hundreds of precision brackets, rollers, and rotors used to secure food processing machinery, convey food products, and cut, mix, or wrap food products.

Sheet Metal Components

We cut, form, and fabricate precision stainless steel components for food-processing machinery. We also manufacture and finish watertight, corrosion-resistant carbon steel enclosures to protect food processing plant electrical equipment during wash down.

Machined Parts

Our machine shop uses our suite of multi-axis lathes and mills to create precision machined parts, such as brackets, rollers, and valves used in the manufacture of blending, cutting, de-skinning, granulating, homogenizing, and scraping equipment.

Food-Grade Finishes

When fabricating parts for food processing equipment, we mainly work with 304- and 316-stainless steel polished to a No. 4 finish. We also fabricate using aluminum, taking special care to preserve the protective layer of aluminum oxide that prevents contamination during use.


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