We provide contract manufacturing services for a variety of cut, formed, and machined metal products — including panels, enclosures, and brackets — that are needed in low-mid volume manufacturing quantities of anywhere from 200 to 10,000 units at a time.

The flexibility we’ve developed as a result of the sheet metal fabrication and machined part production sides of our business allow us to quickly service production runs on the lower end of the spectrum while our meticulous shop organization and flexible staffing ensures that larger runs are not delayed.

When required, we keep manufactured parts inventory on hand for our clients and will expedite production schedules, even hiring extra shifts in order to accommodate surges in demand. Our aim is to forge a lasting partnership by being the contract manufacturer customers know they can count on.

Sheet Metal Parts & Assemblies

We precision cut and form aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel parts in a fraction of the time — and with fewer errors — than many other companies thanks to our optimized production setup, our experienced staff, and our stringent quality control system.

CNC Machined Parts

Our CNC machining capabilities equip us for speedy low-mid volume manufacturing or brackets, fittings, housings, rollers, shafts, spindles, and valve bodies, as well as assemblies involving these precision machined parts.

Quality Control

All of our contract manufacturing is monitored using quality control methods derived from ISO: 9001 standards, ensuring that our products meet the highest quality requirements. We also gladly work with clients to develop procedures for measuring and maintaining quality.

Industries We Provide with Contract Manufacturing Services