Our staff is expert at CNC forming aluminum, carbon steel, and stainless steel sheet metal. Using SolidWorks and Metamation simulation software, we quickly calculate bends and ensure that our precision forming and bending is consistently done correctly the first time

CNC forming is ideal for quick-turnaround production orders. Using a CNC brake press to automatically position back gauges and compute optimal bend sequences, we are able to form sheet metal to fabricate up to 1,000 products at a time, keeping costs low and speeding up production for these sorts of smaller jobs that simply can’t justify manufacturing traditional deep-drawn dies.

We employ CNC forming as part of simple cut-and-form jobs. CNC forming also represents an integral step in our turnkey sheet metal fabrication projects, where we take a product from design to delivery, such as the enclosures, and tanks we produce on a daily basis for a variety of industries.


We have three CNC press brakes. Our largest, a Mitsubishi Diamond Elite XL model, has bending capacity of 200 tons and a maximum bending length of 4 meters. Our two other CNC press brakes, 135 and 40 ton machines, are also Mitsubishi Diamond models that can handle sheet up to 3 meters and 1.4 meters long, respectively.