Prince Precision Products is an ISO 9001:2015-certified dependable partner for custom sheet metal fabrication and contract manufacturing for products that require cutting, forming, assembly, and finishing.

We approach our work with the sense of urgency, accountability, and reliability you’d typically expect from a service company — a mentality adopted from our parent company, Prince Service and Mfg., a heavy metal fabricating company that splits its time about 50/50 between large fabrication projects and service fabrication for time-sensitive industrial shutdowns.

This service mentality encompasses everything, from our customers to our employees. We aim to forge meaningful, long-lasting partnerships where those involved know they can count on one another. We rarely make mistakes, but we’re not afraid to admit it and make it right without delay when we do. And we’re continually investing in our dedicated employee’s skills and training because we know that they are the ones who ultimately make the company what it is. As we like to say, “It works both ways.”


Founded in 2008, Prince Precision Products was created to respond to the needs that its 50-year-old parent company’s clients had for technical sheet-metal sub-assemblies, such as panels, enclosures, and CNC milled parts. Art Prince, President of Prince Precision, represents the third generation of sheet metal fabricators.

Building on his solid foundation, Prince Precision began working with a wide variety of OEMs and suppliers involved in the air handling, commercial transportation, food processing, industrial automation, and power generation industries. By the end of 2009, the company had an established customer base and was debt free.

Today, Prince Precision partners with a diverse array of clients throughout its home state of Georgia and the surrounding Southeastern United States. Its combination of impeccable quality, unbeatable speed, and reliable communication have made it the go-to precision metal fabricator and contract manufacturer for dozens of repeat customers.

But Enough Talk About Ourselves . . .
Here’s What Our Customers Have to Say.